Monday, June 6, 2016

Robotic Gyn Surgery: the Robot is not just for dancing anymore

By: Alison Heaton, MD
Women’s Health Specialists of Birmingham an OB/GYN affiliate of Grandview Health

Hysterectomy is the most common non-pregnancy related surgery that a woman may have to endure. In the last few years, robotic- assisted surgery has become a less invasive way to do this very common procedure. In 2015, 35% of hysterectomies were performed through an open incision. Robotic surgery has created several advantages over this traditional approach.

Patients who are not candidates for a vaginal approach may consider robotic hysterectomy as a possibility. Some of the advantages offered include:

• Shorter hospital stay

• Less pain

• Less blood loss

• Quicker recovery

• Quicker return to work

• Reduction in wound infection

Patients that are candidates for robotic surgery may only have had open surgery as an option in the past. Patients with prior cesarean sections or other abdominal surgeries, patients with endometriosis, or even patients with certain female cancers are frequently people who should consider this less invasive approach.

Patients who are recommended for this approach have an average quicker recovery by 15 days, which if you are like most working women, means getting back to family and work even faster. Frequently, our robotic surgery patients are able to go home on the day of surgery, meaning less time away from the people they love.

Because of the vast improvements in using robotic-assisted surgery over traditional laparoscopic surgery, your surgeon is able to perform more complicated surgeries. Robotic surgery offers 3D vision as well as instruments that move almost identically to the surgeons’ hands. This allows for more difficult surgeries to still be done laparoscopically.

In addition to this wonderful option for major surgery, Single-Site surgery is now available for some patients. The Single-Site option allows the surgery to be done through the navel. The scar is almost invisible, hidden within the navel to improve cosmetic appearance and reduce pain even further.

Do you need a hysterectomy in the near future? Are you a candidate for robotic surgery? Your surgeon will be the best resource to discuss your options.

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