Monday, March 31, 2014

Spy Elite System

By: John O. Issis, MD with Medical West
As healthcare providers, It is among our goals to consistently look for opportunities to improve our methods of care for our patients. Because of the day and age we live in, we are always exploring, evaluating, acquiring, and implementing the latest technologies. The team at Medical West and I are excited to share with you one of the latest technologies we use to improve the quality and efficiency of care for our patients.

I am proud to be able to say that we at Medical West were the first hospital in the state of Alabama to use the Spy Elite System in our procedures. The Spy Elite System is a real-time in-operating room technique that enhances the visualization of tissue perfusion. This allows our surgeons to see the performance of blood flow during procedures. In short, we can see where blood is flowing, and where it is not.

Particularly useful during procedures such as mastectomies, breast reconstruction, amputations, head and neck reconstruction, and others - the Spy Elite System allows us surgeons to see the real-time blood perfusion in damaged or replacement tissue - we can look inside and spy on where the blood is flowing.

During an operation, if I would like to have perfusion data, the images can be generated quickly - sometimes in as little as one minute.

The information provided by the Spy Elite System complements my in-operation judgment and decision-making. By adding only as much as five minutes time to a procedure, the Spy Elite System gives me and my partner surgeons the information we need in order to reduce complications and reducing your chance of a return to the operating room.

The Spy Elite System has been a great addition to our operations here, and we make our procedural plans with the Spy in mind.

It's another way our team at Medical West Hospital utilizes advancing technologies to improve and provide the best quality care possible.

Best, Dr. Issis -

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