Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Why Real Estate?

By: Jerry L. Kitchens, Jr. M.D., PC.

I have been asked many times recently, “Why did you get your real estate license and what are you doing with it?” That’s a great question with a complicated answer. The simple response would be, “Well, a surgeon who no longer operates needs something to do”. But to be honest, it was an evolution.

I first met my broker years ago when I was president of a six-man group looking for an office in Homewood. Rich Campbell was honest and very helpful as we worked through the options. In the end, we did not buy the building he showed us but our relationship continued.

 Over time, he started Veritas Medical Real Estate Advisors to represent physicians as they tried to navigate the confusing world of office space and buildings. Fortunately, he asked me to consult with him during the formative days. I will be the first to admit that the hectic schedule of a surgeon left little time to truly help him. He was polite enough, however, to indulge me. As time went by, I got more involved and realized how much I liked it. After my days in the OR were done, I decided to get my license and help Rich as much as I could to engage and assist physicians in negotiating leases and/or purchases. While I am still a “new boy”, I have an excellent teacher.

 I think I should mention that this isn’t the only hat I wear. I work part time in administration at St Vincent's Health System and run a spice business on the side. I’m involved with a physician owned med mal company and do some things with my dad, as well as try to keep up with my wife and 5 kids. So, I am not at Veritas every day, but I must admit they make me feel at home anyway and the satisfaction of a job well done for former colleagues is worth the trip. Come see us!

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