Thursday, October 6, 2016

Microneedling with PRP

by: Lauren Hughey, MD
Village Dermatology

I have had many patients come in lately looking for a natural, clean, chemical-free option for facial rejuvenation. What could be better than your own Growth Factors? Nothing added- 100% natural and all yours! This is what PRP microneedling offers you. We do a simple blood draw from your arm and behind the scene, we siphon off the plasma that contains your platelets that are naturally rich in growth factors. Platelets heal wounds, and when deposited on the face with the microneedling device, we see "a healing" of our aged cells. This cellular rejuvenation means improved texture, lightening of dark spots, shrinking of pores, and just an overall fresher look! We can even use PRP on stretch marks and to stimulate hair growth. PRP is also being used in many other specialties to treat injured tendons and muscles and promote wound healing.

This is a new and exciting cutting edge technology that allows us to harness our own body's healing power.

Dr. Lauren Hughey

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