Thursday, April 7, 2016

Just 30 Minutes

By: Raymond Workman, MD, Cardiologist at Medical West UAB

Sometimes, when it comes to getting in shape, the hardest part just starting. There are so many different ways to exercise now (CrossFit, pilates, old-fashioned running, on and on…), that it can be overwhelming as we look for what is most appealing to our lifestyle - and what will give you results.

Whatever your plan - DO IT. (Consult with your doctor, of course.) Get over that hump of getting started - set a plan, make time for it, and be accountable.

And when I say plan - put it in your schedule, your calendar, your iPhone app… whatever it is use to organize your day. Thirty minutes is set aside for you to exercise, nothing else. And set aside this thirty minutes five to seven days each week. Maybe get a friend to jump in with you and help keep each other accountable.

Exercise is a catalyst for so much in our lives. Not only are you in better shape, losing excess weight, etc. - but it also makes you more productive. The chemicals released into your body when you exercise make you sharper mentally and you are more productive. You are also less stressed, and people who are less stressed are more rested and - believe it or not - not sick as often. (Stress is a big hit to the immune system.)

And of course, there are all the physical benefits of lowered blood pressure and lowered cholesterol, which roll over into so many reduced risks of more serious diseases and events.

In short, a moderate amount of exercise and a moderate diet can almost completely turn around most health issues for a person. Of course, there are the exceptions of conditions that may arise in some people, but if you play the numbers, your healthy will more than likely be better with a moderate amount of exercise.

A happier, healthier life - and all you need is thirty minutes a day.

Do it!! -

Ray Workman

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