Monday, January 20, 2014

Princeton NAPBC Accreditation

By: Gregory L. Bearden, M.D. F.A.C.S.,  James C. Walker, MD and  Pamela D. James, CRNP, MSN, ONC, MCS
  We are pleased to announce that the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers has awarded the Breast Care Center at Baptist Princeton Medical Center a full 3 year National Breast Center Accreditation. This achievement highlights our commitment to providing comprehensive, high quality care to the women in our community in a compassionate and patient centered environment. 
Breast cancer screening and the care of patients diagnosed with breast cancer continues to evolve rapidly.  As diseases of the breast become more complex and treatments more specialized dedicated centers have been developed to meet this growing need.  In 2005 the American College of Surgeons initiated the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers in order to identify and promote breast centers committed to excellence.
 In order to apply for recognition a breast care center must demonstrate seamless cooperation and are required and held accountable by MQSA law (state and FDA) to implement and maintain standards among the varied medical professionals who participate in the care of women with breast cancer. At our weekly Multidisciplinary Breast Cancer Conference Radiologists, Surgeons, Pathologists, Oncologists, Nurses, Physical Therapist , Mammography and Ultrasound Technicians, Social workers and Navigators come together to discuss every patient with a new diagnosis of cancer. This ensures smooth collaboration and the creation of a comprehensive treatment plan that encompasses the time from the initial biopsy to the completion of therapy and transition through Survivorship. We are continuously delighted at the level of support and participation our conference enjoys and we are convinced that this conference directly improves patient care. 
In an effort to promote high quality care, the NAPBC mandates that centers of excellence adhere to nationally accepted evidence based guidelines.   The standards set by the NAPBC are ambitious and sweeping and cover every topic from imaging to rehabilitation through Survivorship.  For example, the standards dictate that a patient navigation process be in place to assist patients through this complicated process.  Our patients benefit from an attentive and caring staff who accompany them each step along the way.  Other examples include standards that relate to maintenance of certification in image guided biopsy, availability of a plastic surgeon for reconstruction, and community outreach for education and early detection.
Early in our application process as we sat down and read through this exhaustive list we realized that our staff and our nurses and our physicians already did most of these things simply because they as individuals were committed delivering high quality care to their patients.  At that point all we had to do was provide organizational structure, pull the disparate elements together, tweak a few areas, and fill out a really long application that included twenty seven standards.  We are extremely proud of all the staff of the Princeton Breast Care Center, and the members of the Steering Committee for working so hard and so long to make this happen and very thankful to Administration for allowing us to participate in this venture.  As of this writing there are only two accredited centers in the state of Alabama.  The people who benefit the most from our achievement are the women who use Baptist Princeton for their health care needs.  From the moment a woman steps into a mammogram suite she experiences anxiety.  From the moment a woman receives a notification she needs a biopsy she faces an uncertain future.  Because of the commitment to excellence that resulted in the NAPBC awarding our center full accreditation a woman who seeks care here will find peace in knowing that she is receiving the best care possible from the best people around.  A woman who seeks care at the Princeton Baptist Breast Care Center, (a National Accreditation Center of Excellence), will find comfort in knowing that our staff is doing everything we can to help her live a better quality of life.
Gregory L. Bearden, M.D. F.A.C.S.
Co-director of National Accredited Breast Care Center at Princeton Baptist Medical Center
James C. Walker, MD
Co-director of National Accredited Breast Care Center at Princeton Baptist Medical Center
Pamela D. James, CRNP, MSN, ONC, MCS
Manager, of National Accredited Breast Care Center at Princeton Baptist Medical Center




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