Friday, November 30, 2012


The Alabama Court of Civil Appeals has unanimously overturned a lower court ruling, finding that Montgomery District Court Judge Jimmy Pool erred in his July ruling against Trinity and ordering him to enter a judgment in favor of the hospital’s relocation.

In issuing their ruling, the five-judge panel reinstated the Certificate of Need Trinity was awarded in September of 2010 and paved the way for the hospital’s relocation to Highway 280.

“We are delighted to take this important step forward with our relocation project and we appreciate the Court’s direction on this matter,” said Trinity President and Chief Executive Officer Keith Granger. “With expedited action from Judge Pool as requested by the Court, we hope to have this matter resolved within a few months so we can move forward with planning and construction as soon as possible.

The appellate court’s ruling is the sixth legal victory Trinity has achieved in the four years since the medical center first announced plans to relocate. The only decisions against Trinity came from Montgomery County District Judge Jimmy Pool, who twice ruled against Trinity and now twice has been overturned by a higher court.

“Today’s ruling is affirming not only for the thousands of area residents who need improved access to care, but also for the Trinity physicians and employees who consistently raise the bar in patient satisfaction, quality care, infection reduction and many other measures despite the limitations of our 45-year-old facility,” added Granger. 

Barring further legal delays, Trinity intends to complete planning efforts for the 280 facility within the next few months. Construction could begin as early as mid-2013.

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