Monday, October 26, 2015

TrueBeam™ Offers Next-Level Cancer Care

By: Clinton Holladay, M.D., radiation oncologist, Baptist Health System

As the technological landscape for cancer care and radiotherapy treatment evolves, we will continue to see trends focused toward increased precision of radiation treatment with emphasis on personalized care and patient experience.

Of the newest technologies on the market, one such treatment method that is making a big splash by delivering innovation and highly personalized cancer care is a high-precision radiotherapy system that sends a beam of radiation to the tumor while preserving the healthy surrounding tissue. Our patients are already seeing the benefit of the fast and accurate treatments due to its shorter duration and calmer delivery environment, which includes soothing music.

The TrueBeam™ Radiotherapy System from Varian Medical Systems can treat cancer anywhere in the body, including the lungs, breast, prostate, head and neck, delivering a more powerful cancer treatment using intuitive visual cues to exhibit advanced imaging and motion management technologies.

Additionally, this technology maintains accuracy with its respiratory gating option for synchronizing beam delivery with a tumor in motion. For radiation oncologists, the innovative sophistication of this system can help us provide an enhanced patient experience, allowing for treatment with fewer factions in greater doses, cutting a typical 30-minute treatment down to five minutes or less for some tumor sites. Less time on the table ultimately improves our patients’ comfort and less interruption into their daily lives.

Every piece of technology and advancement brought into our hospital is done for the patient. The ability to offer them the best in cancer care is what we strive for, and this latest system helps us achieve just that.

Princeton Baptist Medical Center introduced TrueBeam™ Radiotherapy System from Varian Medical Systems to its cancer service offerings in July 2015. Physicians at Princeton’s Cancer Center are utilizing TrueBeam™, in addition to other leading edge cancer technologies, to deliver a personalized, innovative approach to the quality care and comprehensive patient experience they deliver.

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