Monday, May 12, 2014

Benefits of Seeing a Nurse Practitioner

By: Jenna Bosch, CRNP with Norwood Clinic, Inc.

Nurse practitioners are masters-level prepared nurses who are able to generate medical histories, perform physical examinations, order diagnostic tests, diagnose medical conditions, and treat patient conditions. They are specialized according to their education and training. For example, a family nurse practitioner can see patients that range from pediatrics to geriatrics.

Most nurse practitioners have completed a bachelors degree in nursing, plus a masters degree in his or her specialty. Nurse practitioners in Alabama work in collaboration with a physician who oversees patient care.

Patients seeing a nurse practitioner can benefit in several ways. The nurse practitioner may be more readily accessible than the physician who may have limited time to see patients. Nurse practitioners can see patients for anything from sinus infections to diabetes.

Nurse practitioners have prescriptive authority for a variety of medications. They have training that is built on patient education, and they can aid in healthy lifestyle decisions. Patient education is an important aspect of care, and leads to better understanding and increased medication compliance.

In conclusion, nurse practitioners are highly qualified and compassionate individuals who are important resources in the medical field.

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